River Bank Erosion Induced Human Displacement and Its Consequences

Tuhin K. Das 
Planning and Development Unit, Jadavpur University
Kolkata 700 032, India

Sushil K. Haldar 
Department of Economics, Jadavpur University
Kolkata 700 032, India

Ivy Das Gupta 
Department of Economics, Bhowanipur Education Society College
Kolkata 700 020, India

Sayanti Sen 
Department of Geography, Bangabasi College
Kolkata 700 009, India


River bank erosion is one of the critical public concerns in the world at least in some countries. River bank erosion has a long-term consequence on human life. The victims are compelled to displace as they become destitute. On the other hand, the altered flow of rivers (natural or man-made) due to bank erosion also effects river ecology. In this review paper some cases of river bank erosion and their impacts are discussed. The Indian scenario is reviewed in detail to understand the gravity of the problem. It is observed that after forced human migration due to bank erosion, displaced people face economic insecurity due to loss of agricultural land and become unemployed. The victims also suffer from social insecurity due to deprivation of civic rights, health insecurity due to lack of basic infrastructure, etc. All these insecurities caused by forced displacement lead to deprivation, destitute, fragility and increased vulnerability of the families.

Keywords: forced migration, displacement, river bank erosion, insecurity, policy

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