List of Figures

View Image Figure 1:
Distribution of migrants by reasons. (Source: NSS, 2012)
View Image Figure 2:
Bank erosion in different sections of an idealised river network. Image reproduced with permission from Florsheim et al. (2008), copyright by OUP.
View Image Figure 3:
Relationship between river channel migration rate and drainage area of the Lower Mississippi River. Image adapted from Hudson and Kesel (2000).
View Image Figure 4:
Rivers in India. (Source: External Link
View Image Figure 5:
Erosion and fill-ups of Brahmaputra River form 1966 to 2008. Image reproduced with permission from Dutta et al. (2010).
View Image Figure 6:
Course of river Ganga (Ganges) in West Bengal.
View Image Figure 7:
Channel configuration of River Ganges during the period 1776 to 2010 (all figures are not to scale). Image adapted from Sinha and Ghosh (2012).
View Image Figure 8:
Impact of river bank erosion
View Image Figure 9:
Frequency of displacement of population in Methidanga village. (Source: Chatterjee and Mistri, 2013)
View Image Figure 10:
Percentage of population suffering loss. (Source: Chatterjee and Mistri, 2013)
View Image Figure 11:
Continuous process of forced migration.
View Image Figure 12:
Distribution according to primary occupation. (Source: DHDR, 2007)