Scope & Concept


Living Reviews in Landscape Research is an international open access online journal for publication of invited genuine review articles that summarise and evaluate the state of art as well as actual problems and future needs in interdisciplinary domains of the realm of landscape research. Thus, the review articles may focus in research on interactions of environmental, economic and social subjects. This includes mutual dependencies of land uses, such as: agriculture, forestry, recreation, tourism, nature conservation, as well as the interactions within and among landscape management approaches at various scale and time levels and under different legal frameworks. Particular emphasis is given to review articles identifying research needs and highlighting approaches concerning integration of disciplinary fragmented research on overlapping topics.


Research on land use and management, as well as landscape development and assessment itself, is fragmented and mainly following disciplinary and/or sectoral lines. However, the commitment to sustainable land development requires integrated and interdisciplinary approaches or strategies. Living Reviews in Landscape Research shall give a summarising voice to purposely integrated landscape research and thus supplement existing disciplinary journals covering this field.


Published are invited critical review articles that aim to provide a clear framework for the subject under discussion, and which are systematic in relation to the literature cited. References include books and articles, as well as short communications, viewpoints, and book reviews. Links to online resources are made where appropriate. All articles are subject to peer review.


The review articles address theoretical and conceptual frameworks related to landscape research at global, regional, or even local scales. Particular focus is on review articles giving state-of-the-art overviews together with impulses and stimulus on the physical and legal/administrative interaction of:

  • sustainable development and sustainability thresholds of (sensitive) landscapes
  • multi-functionality of land use
  • soil, water, biomass and biodiversity issues in land use and management
  • social and cultural effects and demands in relation to land use and management

Scientifically and conceptually this includes:

  • spatial data management and interpretation
  • landscape systems analysis and landscape modelling (e.g. scaling approaches, scenario techniques, indicator identification, complexity reduction)
  • impact assessment of land use
  • participatory approaches to land use and land management decision making
  • decision support systems and decision implementation on landscape management
  • sensitivity analysis, weighting of disciplines


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