List of Tables

Table 1:
Overview of main purposes and components (according to Figure 1*) investigated in reviewed models.
Table 2:
Main components of urban systems – do the models under review include them?
Table 3:
Household life cycle model for residential relocation behaviour [SE_1]
Table 4:
Simulation of demographic changes and the housing market [SE_2]
Table 5:
A System Dynamics Approach to Land Use / Transportation System Performance Modeling [SD_2]
Table 6:
CLUE-s (Conversion of Land Use and its Effects) [CA_1]
Table 7:
CUF-2 (California Urban Futures) [CA_2]
Table 8:
CURBA (California Urban and Biodiversity Analysis) [CA_3]
Table 9:
ILUMASS (Integrated Land-Use Modelling and Transportation System Simulation) [ABM_1]
Table 10:
ILUTE (Integrated Land Use, Transportation, Environment model) [ABM_2]
Table 11:
Modelling biodiversity and land use [SD_3]
Table 12:
Table 13:
PUMA (Predicting Urbanisation with Multi-Agents) [ABM_3]
Table 14:
Rotterdam urban dynamics [SD_4]
Table 15:
SCOPE (South Coast Outlook and Participation Experience) [SD_3]
Table 16:
Simulation of polycentric urban growth dynamics through agents [ABM_4]
Table 17:
SLEUTH (Slope, Landuse, Exclusion, Urban Extend, Transportation and Hillshade) [CA_5]
Table 18:
Urban dynamics [SD_1]
Table 19:
Urban transformation process in the Haaglanden region [SD_6]
Table 20:
Urban travel system [SD_7]
Table 21:
UrbanSim [ABM_5]