2 Methods

We analyzed papers published in international peer-reviewed journals that are indexed by the Institute of Science Information (ISI) Web of Science (WoS) from 1994 to October 2008. The terms “landscape metrics”, “landscape indexes” and “landscape indices” were searched as both separate items and in combination with the following terms:

“biodiversity”, “habitat”, “urban landscape”, “road network”, “water quality”, “watershed(s)”, “catchment(s)”, “landscape pattern”, “landscape structure”, “Fragstats”, “land use”, “land use change”, “landscape aesthetics” and “aesthetics of landscape”, “landscape planning”, “landscape management”.

The appearance of these terms and combinations thereof in the titles, abstracts and/or key words of papers was taken into account. The overlapping issues (if the terms or combinations appeared in the same paper) were not double-counted.

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