List of Figures

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Valuation framework integrating the ecosystem service concept into sustainable landscape planning and management; Taking into account the total landscape value (including ecological, socio-cultural and economical values) in decision making processes effects indirectly the provision of services (adopted from de Groot, 2006).
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Final Services vs. Intermediate Components regarding the benefits “recreational angling and drinking water”; Whereas Intermediate Components are indirect processes and functions, Final Services are directly consumed or enjoyed to produce human well-being (after Boyd and Banzhaf, 2007).
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Conceptual relationship between Intermediate and Final Services; Structure and Processes become Intermediate Services if there are humans that benefit from them. Interactions among several Intermediate Services produce Final Services such as “clean water provision” and “storm protection” (after Fisher et al., 2009).
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Conceptual relationship between Ecosystems & Biodiversity and Human Well-being (adopted from Haines-Young and Potschin, 2010).