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doi: 10.12942/lrlr-2010-4
Living Rev. Landscape Res. 4 (2010), 4

Landscape Accessibility: Spaces for Accessibility or Spaces for Communication?

1 Center for Landscape and Culture, Estonian Institute of Humanities, Tallinn University, Estonia
2 Tallinn University, Estonian Institute of Humanities, Center for Landscape and Culture, Uus-Sadama 5, 10120 Tallinn

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This article gives an overview of contemporary studies on landscape accessibility. We focus on the broadened meaning of the term, where accessibility is not delimited with territorial access. The overview of landscape accessibility is widened by post-structural approaches. Discursive, socio-political and semiotic aspects are introduced, and the examples of different emerging conflicts, such as exclusion, segregation, or the creation of different social identities, are presented. In the discussion, additional need for understanding accessibility as the creation of spaces for communication is argued pointing to the valuing of conflicting meanings in accessibility-inaccessibility opposition.

Keywords: Power, Law, Accessibility, Border, Discourse, Property, Urbanization, Exclusion

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ORIGINAL http://dx.doi.org/10.12942/lrlr-2010-4
Title Landscape Accessibility: Spaces for Accessibility or Spaces for Communication?
Author Kadri Semm / Hannes Palang
Date accepted 20 September 2010, published 7 October 2010


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