Citing an Article

If you have found a Living Reviews in Landscape Research article useful in your research, we would like to encourage you to acknowledge that fact by citing it in your publication. Each Living Reviews in Landscape Research article is uniquely identified by its publication number (e.g. lrlr-2007-1). We recommend to cite a Living Reviews in Landscape Research article as follows:

Marcus Schulz and Michael Matthies,
"Runoff of Pesticides: Achievements and Limitations of Modelling Agrochemical Dislocation from Non-Point Sources at Various Landscape Related Scales",
Living Rev. Landscape Res. 1,  (2007),  1. URL (accessed <date>):

The date given as <date> then uniquely identifies the version of the article you are referring to. Obviously, as Living Reviews in Landscape Research is a solely web based journal, the journal's web address is a crucial part of the citation. In Living Reviews in Landscape Research, the article URL contains information on the location, journal, year and publication number of the article.

Living Reviews in Landscape Research is committed to providing most accurate and up-to-date information to its users. Errata or small, important additions will be published within the original article when requested by an author, without waiting for the next major article update. See Section IV of Using an Article for details on how these changes are documented. For such small changes though, no new publication number is assigned to the article. Hence, we strongly recommend to include the access date in your citation to specify the state of the review you are referring to.



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